Why A Brighter Day ? Good Question​....

A Brighter Day is a work based youth program for genuine life change.The aim of this program is to act as a “safety net ” for misguided youth by intervening and redirecting their lives through working that offers discipline, structure and skills. If a youth really wants to change their lives they can, by participation in a Brighter Day work program.


Have a willing aptitude to receive instructions, because no one is going to force you to do your job.


Greeting customers: smiling, evaluating customer needs & responding appropriately.


​Learn your job, show up on time, dress appropriate, wear job badge.


​­ We believe if the youth practice these principles it will help them keep their job.

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Your gift now ensures that we can continue to provide hope, job training, and free comprehensive support services to thousands of YOUTH ON PROBATION and previously incarcerated YOUNG men and women who will walk through A Brighter Day Youth work program door this year.

Choose your goals and map out the steps to reach a Brighter Day.

Through the work program our youth will begin to develop a sense of purpose, responsibility, and have a respect for the labor force.

ByKelvin Leonel 19 Aug,2018

Personal Testimonies

A mere letter can’t really express how thankful I am for the blessings that have come to me as a direct result of the A Brighter Day Youth Wor