Post Employment Plan


Our case managers describe our post employment to the youth in such a manner that post employment is seen as a continued assistance that will help them transition into employment.
Our post employment provides the youth with an opportunity to highlight their achievements and gain recognition for their continued hard work.
The Case managers reminds the youth that they are available to be contacted at any time should the youth need additional assistance or wish to share their successes.
The case manager works with the youth to create a written post employment plan prior to the completion of A Brighter Day customer service training program.

The Post Employment Plan :

  • Confirm employment of youth/location
  • Follow up with “job coach, probation department” within 48 hours
  • Preferred method of contact (i.e. home phone, cell phone or text message)
  • Communicating with the youth 3 times a week
  • Going to the job site once every two weeks to talk with the supervisor
  • Follow up with job coach to see if a named youth is on your caseload
  • Plans for dealing with challenges at work and or in school
  • Supportive services that might be needed for work or school
  • Identify personal problems faced by youth & possible barriers to success
  • Set realistic plans and goals for advancement on the job
  • Reiterate the basics of what not to do the first 60 days of employment
  • Remind youth to contact Brighter Day case manager if any issue arises

Youth who have completed the customer service training in the A Brighter Day Youth Work Program have taken an important step in transitioning to the adult world.
Our case managers will continue to support these youth as they enter adulthood and aid in addressing barriers youth may face in becoming productive and successful members of society.
Post employment activities should not be provided merely because they are required by San Mateo youth probation department, but rather, they are a critical stepping stone that bridges the gap between youth and adulthood.