Why we do it


WHY DO WE NEED A Brighter Day Youth work program?

Recidivism among youth offenders is extremely high: 2/3 will be re-arrested, up to 1/3 re-incarcerated within a few months after release.

“The math on these sorts of initiatives is simple,” says Adam Gelb, a public-safety specialist at the Pew Center on the States: A day in juvenile hall costs over $100 on average; a day on probation costs $8.42. “According to the California Department of Education, the rate of 9-12th dropping out among black high school students rose to 43.5% and to 36.1% for Hispanic/Latino students in 2014.

In San Mateo county, over 53% of youth never completed high school. In October 2015. San Mateo is home to 34% of California’s poor, with a poverty rate of 16.1%. 45% of youth gang homicides in the state of California occur in San Mateo County.